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Would you like to live by being fully yourself?
Would you like to connect to your authenticity and unleash your potential?
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Human Design

Human Design is like a map of your inner world .... which helps you to free the potential hidden in you.


The Human Design system is a synthesis of current sciences (quantum physics, biochemistry, genetics ...) and ancient disciplines (astrology, Kabbalah, I-Ching, Chakras). It is not a belief system, it is a logical system that allows you to understand precisely how you naturally function and reveals how to make decisions aligned with who you really are.

It gives you a strategy in life and teaches you to listen to your body in order to make decisions correctly like yourself.

Depending on the time, place and date of birth, a Bodygraph is generated and provides a unique map of your conscious personality as well as your subconscious. This is your blueprint and it will allow you to discover many things and to recognize many more about yourself : the fixed and coherent qualities in you, the behaviors that you repeat, your tendencies ... where your potential wisdom resides and how you can be conditioned by others and condition others as well.


Human Design provides important guidance on how to live by being yourself, what is called "True-Self", on how best to relate to others and how to avoid "pitfalls." Of your "Non-Self" ie unconscious beliefs and conditioned behaviors. As you can see, this is a surprisingly precise system, which is very easy to assimilate but which, like any practice, requires a certain time of experimentation to be fully integrated into its daily habits.

You will learn to live by your unique nature, to understand who you are and who you are not, and most of all .....


... to really love you!

Some testimonials


Laure helps us differentiate between our innate and acquired patterns in order to optimize the potential and the well-being of the skipper that we are. She makes us discover the main principles of Design, punctuated with beautiful quotes full of humanity. It helps us remember which doors we have come to open.

Human Design is the tool I needed to better understand my physical, mental, energetic and emotional limits. It allows me to put into perspective what I know about myself and what I am and therefore to better accept my states of being.


It's a nice journey to meet ourselves that Laure suggests we do in her company! "

— Mégane, Projecteur



In the complex world we live in, where it is so difficult to understand who we really are, Human Design is a breath of fresh air. The only thing I want is to know since I was born!


Living my truth is what I have worked so hard for and my journey has been difficult to say the least. But Laure, you are my "savior".


Not only have you answered so many questions about why I feel the way I feel, but you've helped me understand myself on a whole new level. It's like you know me more than I know myself.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Thank you very much !

— Helen, Générateur

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