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As a certified Guide by the International School of Human Design (IHDS), I accompany all those wishing to initiate an inner change and align with their authentic nature to fully live their life mission.

For this, I guide you to discover your unique Human Design, give you the keys to connect to the intelligence of your body and make the right decisions. Decisions which no longer come from the intellect, but from a place deeper within you… and which will naturally lead you on the path of your life mission.


The "Living Your Design" training course offers you an education in the fundamentals of Human Design. This course is a gateway to the human design system and also the first step in the general education path of the IHDS. This is a course designed by Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design system. People of all walks of life and of all ages successfully complete this course to empower themselves to be "fair" to themselves.

How will this course transform you?

During this training, you will learn to:

  • Decipher your bodygraph to understand "the mechanics" of your Human Design.

  • Become aware of your conditioning, and how to transform them into wisdom to regain your personal power

  • How to align with your internal strengths to achieve your full potential.

  • Become aware of your ideal way of being, which will help you to flourish.

  • Access your innate wisdom, listen to it and let it guide you to make the right decisions.

  • Communicate effectively and honestly with others so they can hear you.

  • Be true to yourself and allow others to be themselves

  • Increase self-love and respect for your own pace


A constructive and practical approach to awakening!

The sessions are structured to guide you through:

1. Learning

Explore your body map and your decision-making strategy. Learn the quantum of your personality and design and how it relates to yourself and others.

2. Realization

Immerse yourself in the nine centers and their functions. You will discover your strategy of non-self and its shadows, the biological aspect of each center, the relationship between the centers and the mind.

You will be able to become aware of your conditioning - the "Non-self" which has been driving you since your childhood and which has developed many stratagems and limiting beliefs! You will learn to recognize and understand "Non-Self" strategies and how to transform this conditioning into wisdom to regain your personal power and fully live your "True-Self"!

3. Experimentation

Human Design cannot remain just "mental knowledge" if you want information to transform your life. It is a cellular transformation that begins when you start to "experiment".

Experiment with your aura type, strategy, inner authority, and power through bodily experimentation.

4. Awakening

Let your Truth find you. What we are doing in the Living Its Design program is to overcome your conditioning of non-self and eliminate mental ignorance of it. Cellular transformation begins when you are able to be your own Authority and embody your authentic design.

Being true to yourself and allowing others to be themselves transforms your relationships!


Vivre son Design is also the first general training course of the IHDS. This is a requirement if you want to follow the professional path of Human Design. Initial reading is not compulsory at this level.

Two ways to experience the awakening of your design

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