La meilleure façon de me connaître, c’est à travers les témoignages de mes clients.

 Je les remercie infiniment pour leur confiance.


"First of all, I had a great time with Laure. She is radiant. I love her communicative joy, her passion for what she does and her listening skills.

After the online session, I felt calm and comforted in some of my feelings, ready to put theory into practice to advance in my projects and my relationships. I was already more clear with respect to certain points concerning me and equipped with a super tool kit to sort through my future choices.

Human Design is the tool I needed to better understand my physical, mental, energetic and emotional limits. It allows me to put into perspective what I know about myself and what I am and therefore to better accept my states of being.


Thus, I feel more able to let go of what I am and the expectations of others and those I have learned to impose on myself. It gives me the ability to recognize which part of me I choose to follow, to respect my energy, my needs and to assert myself.

Laure helps us to differentiate between our innate and acquired patterns in order to optimize the potential and well-being of the captain that we are. It makes us discover the great principles of Design, punctuated by beautiful quotes full of humanity. It helps us remember what doors we have come to open.


It is a great journey to meet oneeven that Laure offers us to do in her company! "